BodyRock HiitMax I Workout 10 - Full HIITMAX Workout

Hi BodyRockers, . Today we add workout 6 & 7 & 8 & 9 & 10 together unless you are just working through one workout everyday then its time to end the week in style - HIITMAX Day 10 below is ready to roll.

.My Coffee Talk Today -

After week two you will see so many changes happen....

Don't give in to the cravings ... Don't think about quitting .... I know it hurts ... you have to stretch & look after your body by switching the cardio if you need to.

2 workouts are burning 700 cals approx from your pictures .. think how much difference that is over a week !! esp when your adding up to 5 workouts by friday !! - thats not including the after burn from the weights remember.

Make the most of this amazing opportunity and go all out ... in your diet and your workouts.

This is totally FREE everyday !!!! Theres no excuses unless you eat more than your working off and eating the wrong foods this will change you in 5 weeks !!

By xmas you could be bringing in the New Year with the 'omg you just got so f*ckin' hot' at the party ...

.... not the 'I'm starting my diet in the new year' feeling ... go into the 2015 feeling like you own it !!

Seriously make the most of this.

You have a person who is working out with you everyday and a community of awesomeness working out with you... share, post, get involved & be the change - you have got this - don't let anyone take you off track !!

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Todays Motivation:

I think that the ultimate test of how accepting you are of yourself is the test of standing naked in a full length mirror and not cringing, pinching, or flapping your own body like your a giant lump of clay that you can smooth the bumps out right there on the spot.

The next step up from that is standing naked in front of someone else without first dimming the lights, or diving under the covers. Just to make the point, this is not about modesty - it's about being confident enough to stand in your own skin and not want to hide.

No one is perfect obviously. The girls in Victoria's Secret have cellulite, take away the photoshop and instagram filters and we all start looking human again pretty fast. One thing we all have in common is our vulnerability. Each of us went through that moment where we first felt compelled to hide our body because someone or something made us feel less than perfect.

For me it was during grade 8 basketball tryouts. We were playing shirts and skins and one of the guys yelled out in front of a group of onlooking girls that I had a pot belly. I was mortified. I was also 13 and a bean pole. It didn't matter that I was skin and bones, it didn't matter that it wasn't true. From that moment on I kept my shirt on in public.

I still don't like taking it off at the beach. From that moment I've been hiding. It might seem ridiculous, but very often experiences like this can have a tremendous impact. How many times have I chosen to hide because of this one trauma when I was 13? Too many. I'm sure you have a similar moment - where it was just easier to hide your body. Talking about it helps. Taking action even more so.

I want you guys to know that I'm pledging right now that not one of the images we present to you from our cameras will be touched up to make anyone look slimmer, taller, or more muscular. We don't often use photo retouching beyond correcting colours or cropping, but we will never use it from this day forward to materially change the dimensions of someone's body. What you see here and on our sites will be authentic. It takes courage not to hide, and when we put ourselves out there it won't be from behind an airbrush.

Freddy .

HIITMAX Workout 10 :  ..

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 . .



If you want to complete the whole HIITMAX workout's before we post it everyday, we have also made this possible.


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Set your Interval Timers to 30 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. (Don't forget to add a round of skipping or cardio of choice in between each listed exercise below) ..

Workout #6 - .

My Cardio Today  - Cross Body Squat Touch .

1. Single Arm Clean & Press - L & R Alternate 2. Squat & Drop Tricep 3. Wide Bicep - Narrow Bicep - Repeat
4. High to Love - Plank Kick Outs - (elevate with care) 5. One Leg Pogo Balance Left & Press 6. One Leg Pogo Balance Right & Press
7. Mat Jumps
8. Frog Jumps - Forward & Back 9. Diamond Jumps 10. Crab Touch Abs
11. L & R Toe Jack Knife Lift & Touch
12. Tricep Punch Up Touch Should & Punch L & R Front

Workout #7 - .

My Cardio Today is - Skipping
1. Tricep Push-Up Burpee Tuck Jump 2. Walking Push Ups
3. Switch Kicks - L & R Alternate 4. Mountain Climbers - Narrow & Wide - 4 n' 4
5 Switch Lunge 6. Switch Leg Tricep Dips 7. Ninja Tucks Or Tuck Jumps 8. Wide Leg Squats & Press 9. Lunge & Bicep - In & Outs - Left Leg
10. Lunge & Bicep - Forward & Back - Right Leg
11. One Equalizer Narrow Grip Pull Ups
12. Oblique V Roll - L & R Roll

Workout #8 -

. My Cardio Today is - Plank Abs
1. Straight Abs - Knees Up
2. Bosu One Arm, One Leg Jack Knife - Left
3. Bosu One Arm, One Leg - Jack Knife - Right
4. Bosu Flutter Kicks
5. V Tuck Abs
6. Oblique - Left Touch Toe
7. Oblique - Right Touch Toe
8. High Plank Under - Left
9. High Plank Under - Right
10. V Sit Ups - Left & right
11. Bosu or Ball Reverse Curls
12. Back Lifts
Workout #9 -
My Cardio Today is - Weighted Step Ups
1. Left Wood Chop & Knee Lift
2. Right Wood Chop& Knee Lift
3. Crab Switch Kicks
4. Monkey Push Ups
5. Ski Jump Hooks
6. Cross Leg Push Ups
7. Lunge & Fly - L & R Alternate
8. Lunge & Front Raise - L & R Alternate
9. Plank Jump in & Out Legs
10. Elevated Spider Push Ups - L & R Alternate
11. Plank Row & Tricep Kick Back
12. 10 x10 x10 - Knee Madness
Workout #10 - 
There's is NO cardio today - ( Unless you want to of course )  ..
Set your Interval Timers to 20 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video.
1. Bend Knee - Left
2. Pulse - left
3. Bent Knee - Right
4. Pulse - Right
5. Side Straight Legs - Left side
6. Kick Back  - Left Side
7. Bent Knee - Left
8.Circle - Front Left
9. Side Straight Legs -right side
10. Kick Back - right Side
11. Bent Knee - Right
12. Circle - Front right
13. In and put
14. knees together
15. Hold - In & Out
16. hip thrusts
17. Hold - In & Out
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If you want to complete the whole workout before we post it everyday, we have also made this possible.


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