BodyRock HiitMax I Workout 11

Hi BodyRockers, Today we are kicking it up a notch !! How are you feeling?? Please Please Don't give up now this is the BEST week to see all those changes happen. Check out the #BodyRockers from week one - Here & Week Two - Here .

Can't wait a whole week ?!


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We up the time by 10 seconds, this may not sound a lot but its going to push you even harder !!

**Vest Tip** - Since having my vest - I now wear mine upside down so the strap is under my boobs .... that will help in todays video ALOT lol

Get ready to smash HIITMAX Day 11 below...   Just Press the 'Like' button if you want to see more of this after this 5 weeks is up. Don't forget to like, share & comment so I can keep track of your progress. Just Joined us ? ... Head to HIITMAX Workout 1 . Todays Motivation: It takes anger. A fire deep down. That feeling of being pissed off enough to do it. Finally. Any other motivation is wishful thinking. Dream boards are pretty distractions. By the time you pin your dream body or hashtag #fitspo on Instagram you can be into your workout. Right here, right now. So don't ask if its 80% diet and 20% exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen? Bullshit. Dreams happen and mountains are moved 100% because you are pissed off enough to make a change. You are not helpless - but until you are angry enough, fed up enough - passionate enough to put down the brownie and stop ogling all of those "inspiring" images out there to actually live your life and take action you will only ever be a spectator in this adventure. The Kardashian's have enough people watching - wake up and start living. It's just 16 minutes today - do you want it or not ? ..Freddy HIITMAX Workout 11 :  . Set your Interval Timers to 40 seconds on and a 10 second rest. If you are completing this without the video. Don't forget to add a round of skipping (or cardio of choice ) in between each listed exercise. . Workout #11 - . .
My Cardio today is Mat Jumps
1. 1/2 Bupree Push Up
2. Side Push-up & Touch Toe - Left
3. Side Push- up & Touch Toe - Right
4. Elevated  Equalizer - Tricep Push Ups
5. Back Roll & Push Up
6. Monkey Push Ups
7. Seated Row & Flys
8. Elevated Spider Push Ups
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