BodyRock HiitMax I Workout 15 - Full Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

WEEK 3 #HIITMax is here to smash out today.

That's three whole weeks you have committed to working out everyday.

How time fly's when you LOVE working out & you loved being challenged everyday.

You should be very proud of yourselves ... I can only film them and hope you like working out with me & hope that you feel pushed everyday ....

YOU... yes YOU !! are the change - You made the choice to invest in yourself !! - & you are amazing for it !!

I never take it for granted how awesome it is to work out with you all everyday ... #trainingwiththeworld #Awesome #hiitmax

Today is all about the burn ... It's all about weights & reps. Keep the weights small and your rep's high & finish this week of in style.

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We up the time by 10 seconds, this may not sound a lot but its going to push you even harder !! 


Day 15 ... Let's burn those muscles

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Todays Motivation: .

Hi Bodyrockers,

”Sometimes, we may be going through some very dark tunnels and the light at the end may be too far. That’s when we need to help each other light up those tunnels with candles of encouragement.”

As we come to the close of this months challenge I want you guys to consider the importance of the story that you are telling yourselves. We can toot our own horn over and over and tell you guys how awesome BodyRock is and how you can get in the best shape of your life for free from your living room and yada yada yada. It’s all true and we stand behind it 110% – but what will make or break your fitness dreams is what you are telling yourself day in day out. We are constantly talking to ourselves – running the same thoughts and affirmations over and over in our heads. Is what you are telling yourself supporting your training or undermining your efforts? Do you tell yourself that you can do it? That you are strong, fit and agile? That nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goals? If not then why not? Trust me – if you are serious about achieving your success then you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought. If you are saying “I can’t” then you are strapping a 50 pound weighted vest on before you even get started.

Decide that you are a serious contender – that you deserve to have the body you want – that as a BodyRocker you are an achiever. Once you make that choice start dumping the negative self-talk and start gearing up the positive reinforcement. We know you can do it – do you? ,

HIITMAX Workout 15 : .

You can get the whole breakdown & All the videos to download with no Wi-Fi required for this whole workout NOW - Just head to the HIITPLUS

Set your Interval Timers to 40 seconds on and a 10 second rest. If you are completing this without the video. Don't forget to add a round of skipping (or cardio of choice ) in between each listed exercise. .

Workout #11

My Cardio Today Is - Mat Jumps
1. 1/2 Bupree Push Up
2. Side Push-up & Touch Toe - Left
3. Side Push- up & Touch Toe - Right
4. Elevated Equalizer - Tricep Push Ups
5. Back Roll & Push Up
6. Monkey Push Ups
7. Seated Row & Flys
8. Elevated Spider Push Ups

Workout #12 .

My Cardio Today Is - Squat Jumps

1. Lunge & Press & Kick - Left
2. Lunge & Press & Kick - Right
3. Squat & Side Lift
4. One Leg Mountain Climbers & Squat & Kick - Left
5. One Leg Mountain Climbers & Squat & Kick - Right
6. Cross & Through - Left
7. Cross & through - Right
8. Windmill Legs & Two squat jumps

Workout #13

My Cardio Today Is - Swings

1. Bent Knee Abs
2. Opposite Leg Touch & Abs - Left
3. Opposite Leg Touch & Abs - Right
4. Russian Bike Leg Twists
5. Tuck & Lift
6. V Abs - Left
7. V Abs - Right
8. Reverse Curl & V Abs

Workout #14

My Cardio Today Is - Skipping

1. Equalizer (or floor Box/ball/sandbag) Jumps
2. Wide Squat & Lift Front V
3. One Arm Tricep Dip - Left
4. One Arm Tricep Dip - Right
5. Side Burpee Jumps & Knee Tuck Push Up
6. Bent Knee Twist Push Ups
7. Superman Rolls & Pike Ab Touch
8. Walking Shoulder Touches - 4 n' 4

Workout #15

There is no cardio today - We train together. No Time - All Reps. (See Below)

1. Bicep in & Out 10
2. Tricep kick backs 10 x 3
3. Bent Over Row 10
4. Chest Press 10 x 3
5. Shoulder Press 10
6. Bent Shoulder Flys 10 x 3
7. Squats & Press - Narrow to Wide 10 Total
8. Lunge - 10 Total x 3
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