BodyRock HiitMax I Workout 16 - Couplet Week

Hi BodyRockers, Today we start a new week with new challenges to face everyday. How are you going to tackle this week ? Maybe add all the day one challenge workout video's together ?? Maybe do the workout & something else ? Maybe HIIT the Max more than once through ? Check out the #BodyRockers completing the challenge all over the world - Here  Will you just do one workout everyday or go head on and smash everyday to the MAX. .

Get the whole workout to downloads and take anywhere, no wi fi required Here -



. Week 4 is ready to go ... Let's do this !! Don't forget to like, share & comment so I can keep track of your progress. Just Joined us ? ... Head to HIITMAX Workout 1 . Todays Motivation: Remember it’s about progress NOT perfection. Commit to doing your very best each day, realizing that your very best today will be different from your very best tomorrow. If we continue to take steps forward we are progressing towards our goals while developing the habits that will get us to success. Celebrate each step as a victory! Lisa xoxox Freddy HIITMAX Workout 16 : . Set your Interval Timers to 40 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. Don't forget to add a round of skipping (or cardio) in between each listed exercise. . Workout #16 - .
Couplet 1: . Cardio - Burpees  (Twice Through) . 1. Switch Lunge with Oblique Chop 2. Alternating Sandbag Swing *One Round Skip*
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