BodyRock HiitMax I Workout 21 - Vicious Delicious Bodyweight - (Strength Week)

Hi BodyRockers,

Today it's strength week on the RealTime HIITMax challenge .... to make you stronger you have to mix it up & push yourself.

Today we start a new week this is 50 Seconds work & 10 Seconds Rest Today. So get mentally prepared today to go fast.

How are you going to tackle this week?
Maybe add all the day one challenge workout video's together??
Maybe do the workout & something else?.

Maybe HIIT the Max more than once through ?


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Will you just do one workout everyday or go head on and smash everyday to the MAX.

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Week 5 is ready to go ... Let's do this !!

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Today's Motivation:

The food that we eat impacts our DNA, metabolic function, mood, over all energy, workout performance, physical appearance and so on. We could not survive without the energy that our food provides us.

There is a lot more to diet then we often think – the quality of our life depends on it. With this deep thought in mind I started (yesterday) to follow my own advice 100% and focus on 3 main goals: health, body composition, and workout performance. If you keep all of the 3 goals in mind when putting together your diet plan, then you are on the right track.

If you focus only on your body composition, you may damage your health by  taking short cuts that focus on the short term goal of fat loss. People that are trying to lose weight really fast often fall into the trap of following fad diets that only deliver temporary weight loss. If you focus only on your athletic performance you may fall into the trap of using harmful supplements to achieve a short term goal that misses delivering long term performance benefits.

If you are focused only on your health, you may not get the results in the remaining two areas where you want to excel. Out of these 3 areas most people focus almost exclusively on fat loss.

I am taking a longer term approach to my fitness and health, because this is a life long journey that never ends. I will be posting some of the specific diet strategies that I am following over the next little while so check back if you are interested in taking your diet to the next level.

Have you guys been thinking about focusing on your diet lately?

Lisa xoxo Freddy


HIITMAX Workout 21:

Set your Interval Timers to 50 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. Don't forget to add the cardio at the beginning or the end of the workout. .

Workout #21

Workout Breakdown:

12 Rounds Total. 

Your start with the skipping round I end on ......

(You Skip & Wait for my first round to complete)

1. Push Ups & Touch Toes - L & R Alternate
2. Mat Jumps & Run
3. 10 Mountain & 10 Switch Kicks
4. V Abs Roll
5. Side Push Ups - Left
6. Burpees & Tuck Jump
7. Climb The Wall - High Knees
8. Lunge Switch & Kick - L & R Alternate
9. In & Out Wide Legs
10. Side Push Ups - Right
11. Flutter Kicks
12. Skipping For me ( You started with this )
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