BodyRock HiitMax I Workout 26 – We Make It Bounce Workout

Hi BodyRockers, Welcome to Season 2 !!!! Week Six is so on ! Are you ready ? .

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. Remember - We don’t diet … We eat right. We don’t fail … We try our best. We don’t hate … We are a team. We don’t quit … We are consistent. We don’t stop … Until we hear the beep. but … Most Importantly … We enjoy the journey & be thankful. .. Check out the #BodyRockers completing these workouts all over the world - Here  Will you just do one workout everyday ? Maybe add a few HiitMax Workout's together & complete a full realtime workout each day and smash it to the MAX.  ... HiitMax is revolutionary, Interactive, training & it's been exclusively designed by myself to bring you a new fresh way of training that you can do anywhere !! . You have two choices each week. These workouts are TOTALLY FREE - Think of it as having your very own exclusive Personal Trainer in your home every single day. I know some BodyRockers work long hours or have children to accommodate – So we have made this challenge perfect for everyone – #noexcuses For BodyRockers who want a quick HIIT workout everyday that will fit around you’re busy schedule – you will have a 12 – 17 min workout everyday to follow. & Those BodyRockers out there who heart the longer workout’s – You are going to love the gradual build up to Friday. I promise you, it will leave you earning those weekend rest days. I give you RealTime Training in your living room everyday & we have great time together doing it. If you haven’t completed one of my RealTime Workouts before, then all you need to know is that to make these particular workouts work – I need you to train along with me me ‘RealTime’. This is the only place online where you can get a brand new workout everyday, a HUGE online community that will help support you, share ideas, tips, recipes & diet advice & of course I am online 24/7 to keep you focused, motivated & help you complete your workout to the MAX pushing you towards the body you have always dreamed of. I will take you through the workout right to the last beep & you will work along side me, everyday staring new challenges face on & becoming stronger & leaner with every week we do together. I truly believe that this is the future for everyone out there looking for a gym partner. A workout program that will keep your body guessing & push you to new levels of fitness. Don’t panic – some days the workouts are shorter than others and also ‘active’ rest days & bonus workout days that target our trouble areas thrown into the mix. This is even great for beginners to try – you can rest or march – while everyone else is going to be skipping or completing the cardio component like a mo-fo !! till we sweat those love handles away ! – Don’t worry Beginners – you will soon get the hang of it – I’m here to support you through it. Hiitmax Plus+ was released for those people who want to take me anywhere. (like me) You can save hundreds on streaming costs and wi fi issue and theres no need to take a dvd player anywhere ... you can do every workout ... long or short straight on your phone - amazing !!! The Plus Members get the workout in full, downloadable, before it's released on the site each day and they also get options of our previous guides, older challenges available with the download facility and in week six onwards we are including some bonus burnouts to cover the cost of the membership. The Plus is making it possible for us to meet the needs of everyone but we also have to cover so many costs that making this available has. Remember every HiitMax workout is still 100% FREE on every social media site we have - it's just the plus that (if this meets your needs) is available for you to have as an option to join.

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Just Joined us ? ... Welcome Aboard - Just Head To HIITMAX Workout 1 .

. Todays Motivation: Hi BodyRockers, If you want to know what makes BodyRock different - what makes this the most watched independent workout series in the world - it's that we show up here to train with you every single day. We show up. That's it. We show up and sweat and push and overcome the same voices that yell at you to quit. There is no billion dollar marketing apparatus in effect here to sell you sh*t you don't need. We are here to sweat. That's our purpose. And we have changed a million lives. A million hearts beat stronger. It won't be easy. These are real workouts that deliver real results done by real people. We actually f*cking care. We answer. We sweat. We get pissed off and frustrated and fight against the urge to quit. We have the same worries and struggles - no one here is a celebrity and no one here wants to be. This is what we do to find the strength within. We do it together. When you train with us, You - yes YOU - are part of a massive global movement of people are pushing themselves beyond what is easy, what is comfortable and what is "good enough". F*ck good enough. We are BodyRockers. The only thing you need to join us is a fierce will to wake up each day to live a life better than the day before. Own the struggle and embrace the change. Feel your muscles ache and carry silent, proud gratitude that you are alive. The revolution in your life starts with at the beep. Smash it out like there is something in your life's purpose worth fighting for. Rage against the weakness. Rage against the haters, the trolls and everyone that has ever written you off. Tell that voice in your head that forever whispers the easy way to f*ck off once and for all. Not today. Today we are going to fight and nothing can stop us. Today we are BodyRockers. HiFreddy HIITMAX Workout 26 : . Set your Interval Timers to 50 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. . Workout #26 - .
Workout Breakdown: .
12 Rounds Total.
You have a choice of either a cardio or a strength component this week.
Cardio: Burpee Lunge
Strength: Clean & Press
 ( You will complete one round of either of the above options & wait for my first round to complete before completing the following below )
1. 1 Leg Spider Push-ups ( L&R Alternate)
2. Squat & Side Out ( L&R Alternate)
3. Side Jump, Push & Knee Tuck ( L&R Alternate)
4. Push Up Jack & Shoulder Tap ( L&R Alternate Shoulder)
5. Clean & Press & 2 x Shoulder Press
6. Touch Touch, Punch Punch, 1 Push-up Plank
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