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Hi BodyRockers, Today we start a new week with new challenges to face everyday. How are you going to tackle this week ? Maybe add the two day 1's from week one and two together ? Maybe do the workout & something else ? Maybe HIIT the Max more than once through ? Check out the #BodyRockers from week one - Here  Will you just do one workout everyday or go head on and smash everyday to the MAX. Day 6 is ready to go ... Let's do this !! Don't forget to like, share & comment so I can keep track of your progress. Just Joined us ? ... Head to HIITMAX Workout 1 . Todays Motivation:
If there is one thing I wish we could give you guys its a workout that cures self-loathing rep by rep.We hate on ourselves almost by habit - like some kind of hobby to pass the time.We want to train with you to be stronger, fitter and faster.We want to lose those pounds - but we also want to find some sense of peace in all of this. An acceptance of who we are (and yes you can still colour your hair, straighten your teeth, get boobs, have a tattoo or do whatever else you chose to do to your body's window dressing and still move towards self-accepatnce).Fitness within the context of a life well lived.That is what we train for here and that is why we talk about and share all kinds of life related issues. Nothing is as disruptive as self-hate, and we all should love who and what we are. If you are looking for glossy, superficial fitness - you wont find it here.Our workouts will kick your ass, but they are connected to something more than skin deep because you need much more than lean body mass to be happy in life.You have to live it in all areas of your life to see the truly transformative results.BMI will never be an indicator of overall happiness, and no matter how you paint it, dress it, enlarge it or reshape it you can't buy self-acceptance.It comes from a willingness to be kind, and the commitment to show up for yourself in your own life everyday.Push with us to be the best version of yourself possible and everyday we will train towards it together.Lisa & BodyRockers Everywhere xoxo
. Todays Coffee Talk: Freddy HIITMAX Workout 6 : . Set your Interval Timers to 30 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. Don't forget to add a round of skipping (or cardio) in between each listed exercise. . Workout #6 - . My Cardio Today  - Cross Body Squat Touch .
1. Single Arm Clean & Press - L & R Alternate 2. Squat & Drop Tricep 3. Wide Bicep - Narrow Bicep - Repeat
4. High to Love - Plank Kick Outs - (elevate with care) 5. One Leg Pogo Balance Left & Press 6. One Leg Pogo Balance Right & Press
7. Mat Jumps
8. Frog Jumps - Forward & Back 9. Diamond Jumps 10. Crab Touch Abs
11. L & R Toe Jack Knife Lift & Touch
12. Tricep Punch Up Touch Should & Punch L & R Front
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