BodyRock HIITMax I Workout 52 - Full Body Sweat

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keep track of your progress. Todays Motivation: Honesty is a much vaunted quality, but it's one of those things that is easier in theory than in practice - especially with ourselves. It's easier in fact to be honest with other people than it often is to be honest with ourselves. If you get caught lying to a friend or co-worker there are consequences. Lying to yourself is the classic preliminary step to procrastination aka "starting next week". We shrug off half-truths to ourselves all the time. There is an endless stream of justifications as to why we are not doing what we so often promise ourselves we should be doing - and exercise falls right into this pattern. 
If we were honest with ourselves about who we were as people we could avoid making promises to ourselves that we have no intention of keeping. I'm not a morning person. At all. 8 AM is getting up early for me. I tend to rise a bit later, because I tend to work late - I usually switch off around 2 AM. So knowing this, I would never make the promise to myself to workout at 6 AM. I might like the idea of getting up with the sunrise and embracing the dawn by BodyRocking, getting that early jump into life each day, but if I'm true to myself - I'm not ever going to be that person - and you know what? It's perfectly fine. I workout later in my day. What I don't do anymore is set myself up for failure by making unrealistic promises to myself. Same goes for food. I no longer promise to be 100% compliant 24/7. I give myself Saturday's to eat whatever I want (hello 5 Guys). It's a strategy that if I'm willing to be honest with myself works for me. Am I saying that you can't make changes in your life? No - absolutely not. But pick your battles and know thy self. Part of winning at all of this is making it work for you. Ultimately there is no singular 'right way' there can only be your way - and if you start from a place of personal honesty with yourself you can avoid a lot of obvious failures and the unraveling of your confidence and the feelings of helpless powerlessness that comes from letting yourself down repeatedly. In 2015, make promises to yourself that you can keep. Because true honesty comes in the intention before any promise is ever uttered. Enjoy your training.
. HIITMAX Workout 52 : . Set your Interval Timers to 30 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. . Workout #52 - .
Workout Breakdown: .
18 Rounds Total.
We Workout REALTIME old School BodyRocking Style Training Today.
ADVANCED - 2 x through !
 ( You will complete one round of the below *stared* option & wait for my first round to see your next move - I will finish on your starting exercise )
** You will start with Skipping for your first round **
1.  Knee Touch & Under Leg Push Up - ( L & R Alternate )
2.  Step & Swing -  ( L & R Alternate )
3.  Lunge & Press - ( L & R Alternate )
4. Squat & Opposite Air Press -  ( L & R Alternate )
5. Reverse Crab Plank & Opp Side Touch -  ( L & R Alternate )
6. Lotus 1 Leg Squat - Left
7. Lotus 1 Leg Squat - Right
8. Push Up Leg Over Reach - Left
9. Push Up Leg Over Reach - Right
10. Lunge & Shoulder Press  - Left Side
11. Lunge & Shoulder Press  - Right Side
12. Wide Squat & Calf Lifts
13. 1 Leg Sky Lifts to Knee Touch's  - ( L & R Alternate )
14. Jack Knife Abs
15. Holding Weights - V Scissor Legs
16. Lunge Kick & Twist Weight - Left
17. Lunge Kick & Twist Weight - Right
18. ** Skipping For Me **
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