Bodyrock Lean is here! Strength Moves, Modifications and Substitutions

Bodyrock Lean is here with Kelsey! She was terrific –wasn’t she? She gave us some GREAT workouts with crazy exercises like the Supergirl leg lifts, side lunge into a curtsy lunge and 1 leg burpees over the sandbag. I know there are a lot of you cardio junkies out there, so if you feel the need to add some in, go for it. I think the easiest cardio to add in from home is jumping rope (if your ceilings allow for it), jumping jacks, high knees, running up and down the stairs in your house, or just going up and down one stair. If you need to do some cardio without jumping – march in place, mini forward and backward lunges, body weight step ups, side and front kicks are all lower impact choices. If you are a strength seeker, use your heavier weights. You can change the 30/10 days to 50/10. You can wear your weighted vest or backpack for added resistance. You can also add rounds, so instead of doing 12 minutes, double the workout and go for 24 minutes. You can also add some of the days together. Kelsey was great about doing different body parts on different days, so putting together 2 or 3 of the routines might give you the added work you are looking for. Any of the jumping moves you can use your heavy weights instead of performing the jump. On day 4 there is the deadlift – go for it! Go heavy here if you can. If you are newer to these workouts, use lighter weight or even body weight on specific exercises. Do push-ups on your knees, or even one knee if you are feeling a little bit stronger. If jumping is required do the same exact exercise without the jumping (same goes for those with bad knees), or pick one exercise to jump with and do the rest without. If you cannot squat you can do wall sits instead. If you cannot do a tuck jump, drive your knees into your chest alternating legs. Just keep moving! I know there are people out there with wrist trouble making it difficult to do burpees and push-ups. Here are some suggestions: Do push-ups against the wall to alleviate too much weight bearing on your wrists. You can use fists instead of flat palms. You can grip hand weights on the floor and this will put more weight into your hands than your wrists. Your grip is often stronger than you think. As far as burpees go, do ½ burpees on your forearms – jumping or walking your feet into your elbows. There is a lot of various equipment used throughout the 10 workouts she gives us. No equipment? Use your homemade weights from water jugs, soup cans, your Kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. No sandbag? Use a backpack filled with books, rice, sand, or kitty litter. Or use an old purse and fill it with rice, rocks, marbles, you name it. No step? I found an interesting article from the the instructables on how to make your very own step! You could also stack up books against the wall – like old phone books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. I sometimes use the bottom step on my staircase.  Don’t have a Bosu? That’s OK, all the exercises can be done without it. You could also use a step, bench, foot stool, a box stuffed with books, and the like. Kelsey did a few tricky moves over the 2 weeks as I mentioned above. The supergirl leg lifts and be done as regular supergirls, or as bird dog with your knees on the floor. The side lunge into a curtsy lunge can be done as 2 separate lunges (do one round of side lunges only, then another of curtsy lunges only). The 1 leg burpee can be done with 2 legs. On day 5 there was a 1 arm burpee – so do it with 2 arms, keep your hands close together for a bit more of a challenge. On day 7 there was a lot of 2 moves in one, so break them down to make them easier to follow or break them down to add heavier weight to each exercise on its own. For instance, the good morning with the triceps kick back can be done as a weighted good morning, then the triceps kickback can performed as a separate exercise. Exercise number 6 is actually a reverse fly, not a ½ burpee, push-up, bentover row. The upright rows and bicep curls were done with a pogo hop, so separate these and do the strength moves on their own, and then some cardio hops on their own. Day 10 was a great strength day. This workout is a great place where you could add a cardio move in between exercises if you wanted to. Or do one round with just the weights, and a second round with a cardio drill added in between moves. Go as heavy as YOU can here. Look at Kelsey’s gorgeous arms. She didn’t get those lifting fluffy pink dumbbells. She’s a bodyrocker and she pushes herself. Let her push you to get stronger too. If you have any questions on a specific exercise or piece of equipment, feel free to ask me. I’m here to help! You can also read more on my blog at or follow me on my Facebook page.  

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