BodyRock Lean - Workout #1 - Shoulders & Back

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Welcome to Week 1, Day 1 of BodyRock Lean.  My name is Kelsey and the next two weeks are all about building strength through the use of weights and our own bodyweight. The aim of this program is to isolate specific muscle groups and get a solid burn in just 12 minutes, from home, for FREE!

A little bit about me and my journey to :) I am a wife, a mother of two girls, and I am extremely passionate about health and fitness.  I have been BodyRocking for almost 3 years now and I can honestly say that it has changed my life! I have always been an advocate of exercise and have been quite active from high school on. I came across shortly after my second daughter was born and I was in a rut with training. I was doing a lot of steady state cardio, running, elliptical, etc. My body was bored and I wasn’t seeing the changes I really wanted to see. I remember trying my first workout and thinking to myself, “That was only 12 minutes, I did it from home, and it was FREE?!?!” I was more out of breath and sweatier than if I had just gone running for an hour! Needless to say I was hooked. This was my first “Ah-ha” moment –  the trainers are awesome and this program works! I continued to follow along with the workouts and do what I could with what I had, which was only a few dumbbells at that time.

Around the time Lisa did her Real Time Challenge, I had my second “Ah-ha” moment – this community is awesome! If you haven’t done this challenge before or have never heard of it and are looking for somewhere to start, you NEED to check it out and go! The RTC was when I sent in my first ever post-workout, drenched in sweat, looking less than glamorous, but feeling awesome high five! If you send in your posts regularly, you know what I’m talking about!! All I can say is if you have never sent in a picture or posted to the community, you need to do so today, after you complete your workout!

The connections and friends I have made through this community are unbelievable and have touched my life in so many ways! On the days I just don’t feel like training, and yes, we all have them, I head to the Facebook page and feel the energy and motivation from your smiling, sweaty faces and I feel that fire lighting up inside and I get dressed and I get moving and I press play and I get just as sweaty!

We are a team and I want you all to know how much you mean to me and just how THANKFUL I am for all of your love and support! Now let’s get rocking and kill our workout today!! .

Workout #1: Shoulders & Back


Set Your Interval Timers to 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, complete the following workout 2 x through.

Todays Workout -


Workout BreakDown:

. 1. Divebomber, Push up & Back 2. Front Raises 3. Bentover Row x2 4. ½ Burpee, Upright Row 5. Alternate Front/Side Raise (L/R) 6. Plank Rotations


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