BodyRock Lean - Workout #3 - Bodyweight Cardio

Hi BodyRockers,

Today I wanted to share my experience with support and adopting the “team” mentality.  This can be as simple as sharing a like, comment, and hopefully a smile with someone else who is working just as hard as you are to achieve their goals. I know how hard it can be at times, feeling like you are stuck and not really getting to where you want to be.

This may cause the feelings of frustration, anger, or dare I say jealousy to creep in.  I know, because I have been there too, and it is a very negative mental place to get stuck.  Instead of feeling frustrated, I took a step back and reassessed my attitude about what I wanted and where I was going.

I knew there were things I wanted to achieve and I knew how important it felt to feel supported. Everyone has “down” days, but to feel the connection and support of others plays a huge role in consistency. It’s hard to describe the moment you feel this shift, but the moment you do, you’ll know what I’m talking about! Smiling and being proud of someone else’s success is one of the best feelings ever, and interacting with this community gives me the chance to do this every day! To be honest, we are all walking out different journeys, one no more important than the other. Everybody’s story is special, deserves to be celebrated, and everyone deserves to feel like they belong!! Support, encourage, motivate, and celebrate the results and little victories of yourself and others along the way! It sounds cliché, but Together Everyone really does Achieve More! :)



Workout #3: Bodyweight Cardio


Set Your Interval Timers to 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, complete the following workout 2 x through.

Todays Workout -


Workout BreakDown:

. 1. 10 High Knees, 10 Mtn. Climbers 2. Squat Jumps using Bench 3. Burpee, 2 Plank Jacks, Tuck Jump 4. Prisoner Jacks, 2 Cross Body Knees (L/R) 5. Exploding Lunges using Bench 6. Long Jump, 2 Pop Squats, 180 turn


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