BodyRock Lean - Workout #6: Bosu Workout

Hi BodyRockers, Thanks for joining me for Week 2 of BodyRock Lean! I’m excited to be back with another week of challenging workouts! I want to talk today about fear. Maybe you are afraid to start something new. Maybe you are afraid because you don’t think you can. Maybe you are afraid of what people think about you. Maybe you are afraid that changes will never come.  I want you to let all of that go today.  All of that fear that might be holding you back. The fear that might be dragging you down. It doesn’t matter, because today, we are looking fear straight in the face and saying “I’m doing this for ME, because I’m WORTH IT!” It all starts with the decision to try and we are NOT afraid to do that! Let’s go kick Monday’s @$$!!


Workout #6: Bosu Workout


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Set Your Interval Timers to 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, complete the following workout 3 x through.

Todays Workout -


Workout BreakDown:

. 1. Burpee, Push up Twist, Push up Twist 2. Bosu Jumpovers 3. Squat, Side Lift, Back, Knee up (L/R) 4. Wide Leg Mountain Climbers w/Bosu 5. Bosu Burpees 6. Bosu Toe Taps


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