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Lisa, Thank you so much for the 30 day challenge! I stuck to it and I feel great! I lost 4 pounds and MANY more inches! I GAINED CONFIDENCE and FEEL as if I can accomplish so much more now! Here are my 30 day results:

Biceps: .5 inch in each arm gone Chest : 1 inch gone Waist : 1.5 inches gone Butt : 1.5 inches gone Thighs: .75 inch in each gone Calves: .5 inch in each gone

That is 7.5 inches I've lost!!!! I am beyond thrilled! On to the next challenge!


Way to go Tia! Keep Hiiting it! Want to keep going with Tia after the 30 day challenge? Click here to hiit our new 7 Day Challenge with Melissa!   

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