BodyRock Sweatography - 1 Year Later & 86lbs lighter!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Nikki   Im so excited to be apart of the body rockers community. I first discovered BodyRock in the Spring of 2012. I tried different workouts, followed 30-day programs, and loved trying different recipes. I've grown to love the HIIT workouts and have changed my diet completely. I saw results within just a couple of weeks and was hooked! The first picture here is from July 4th, 2012 at my heaviest 256lbs and the second is July 4th, 2013 at 170lbs. Lost 86lbs and never felt better! I've stuck with Body Rocking and continue to see results. Ive gone from constantly tired to energized and confident. I have run numerous 5k's, a couple 10k's (the 2nd pics was from a 10k), and this month I will run my first 1/2 marathon! I'm truly happier with myself physically and emotionally. unnamed-2   We're so proud of you Nikki! Not only have you come so far physically, but MENTALLY as well. And sometimes THAT is the bigger battle.

Find joy in exercise. If you find an activity you love, working out won't be work. Eating clean won't be a diet.

You won't just feel healthy, you'll BE healthy.

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