BodyRock Sweatography: Down 11% in Body Fat!!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Lori I've been following for 4 years. I started out as a skinny cardio queen until bodyrock taught me the importance of strength training. When I first started I weighted 99 pounds and was 25% bodyfat.   image-5 image-4   After following an intense weight training program, bodyrock workouts, and a healthy diet, I developed my dream body and achieved good health. I weight 125 and am currently 14% bodyfat and dropping. I have to thank bodyrock for my transformation because you guys were my original motivation. Before I started I had been suffering from bulimia and was very unhealthy. To make matters worse my family didn't understand my condition and I was left with this battle on my own.   image-3 image-2   Bodyrock helped show me a path to good health rather than ruin myself. I suffered for 4 years and am now finally free. Thank you Lisa and Freddy and every other inspirational bodyrocker out there! image-6

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