BodyRock Sweatography: 12 Minutes a day IS enough

    Inspirational BodyRocker: DawnLouise Yes - 12 minutes a day IS enough to make a change! I had been rather unhappy with the way I looked for some time. I had tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cabbage Soup diet, Atkins diet and the Lemon Detox plan. All of these initially lost me some weight - but I would then get bored and go back to my old ways. I then realised that I needed a lifestyle change - not just a change in diet. So then came boxercise (which got boring) the treadmill (which ended up on Ebay) the exercise bike (yeah, it was handy as a clothes hanger!) the gym membership (I lost more £s than lbs) the collection of exercise DVDs (which became too time consuming often leading me to believe I didn't have time to workout as I didn't have time to play a full DVD) Then a friend introduced me to this site..... It was so different! Some workouts were only 15 minutes long - perfect to fit in at pretty much any time of the day! And each day brought something new, something different! I became hooked so quickly and have never looked back! I thought I would share this picture with you. It shows my progress from when I first started using your site up to now. I believe there was 9 months between the pictures. Also my healthier lifestyle has done wonders to keep my depression a little more under control too. I thought that maybe this picture might serve as motivation for those who may be struggling a little? (As well as motivation for myself as I now have the dreaded jelly belly that serves as a reminder of when I carried our child who was born last January, a year after my progress photo) As you can see I was not very fit or athletic in anyway when I started out. But my point is - well you can see the transformation, and this is pretty much ALL down to this site. I have not made any huge change to my diet - I simply eat smaller portions, and if I feel like having a treat, well I have it! I was not partaking in any other form of exercise - other than walking to work and back which is around 3 miles a day. Ok and maybe a little bedtime exercise! If I can do it...anyone can!! I've spent the last year completely devoting myself to our baby boy. I was also advised against high intensity exercise when exclusively breastfeeding but could not see any research that either backed this advice up nor rubbished it!? However now that our boy is no longer a baby I have decided that it is about time I got back into shape and so I am very much ready, and excited, for your upcoming 21 day bootcamp!! Hope this made sense as I wrote it in dribs and drabs in between entertaining our toddler! Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.01.38 AM Still don't believe us? Well try it for yourself. Sign up below to join BodyRock Boot Camp!
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