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Inspirational BodyRocker: Anabel

The first before was in September 2011, by September 2012 I had lost 60 lbs. The last set of pictures are from September 2013, I gained 10 lbs in muscle without going up any size. I'm the happiest with my body since ever. Thank you, I love your energy. 1479139_537916752965481_174867922_n 1451606_537916742965482_673790315_n 1457610_537916746298815_1892276053_n This is absolutely fantastic! Not only does Anabel look amazing, she looks HAPPIER. Way to go Anabel; we're so proud of you. For all those BodyRockers out there on a similar journey to Anabel's, if you want to keep seeing results and MAINTAIN them, you need a lifestyle change. You need to stay active and keep your diet in check! And that’s what we’re here for. Join BodyRock Boot Camp! Join BodyRock Boot Camp! Do you need help motivating yourself? Click here Do you need help with your diet? Click here Do you need help exercising? Click here Do you need help with something else? Tell us

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