BodyRock Sweatography: 2 Years of Hard Work!

Hi Lisa, Sean and Freddy, I just wanted to take time to let you all know how much I appreciate all you guys do. I started to Bodyrock back in September of 2012. I must tell you how much I HATED working out! I thought it was a waste of my time. My thoughts were if I looked good in my clothes (usually having to wear spanks) I was perfectly fine. I've always been fairly thin, but never fit. Although I did wear single digit sizes through my early to mid 30's, I slowly started inching higher and higher as I past 35. I was fooling myself thinking that working out was only about looks. I was wrong! It's about being healthy and fit. It's a whole new lifestyle that the only regret I have is not doing this sooner. I started Bodyrocking in September of 2012. I did see some small changes, however I was still eating lots of fast food and having lots of "mommy juice" (wine) . I was mistaking Into believing that as long as I worked out I could eat whatever I pleased or just SKIP meals all together. Wrong again!! I decided to make a change in my eating habits late in 2013 ( that included making sure I actually ate). I had yet to realize that if wanted to see results I had to start in the kitchen. I needed to make sure I had a big healthy meal for breakfast (which I always missed) lunch and dinner. Healthy eating is not a diet, it's just a better and healthier way of life and I love it! I was told by my sister to always take daily pics in order to see my progress. That was the best idea since, I workout at home alone and will never go to a gym. Considering I have 3 kids (ally 12, Ashley 10 and Aaron 6) i knew i Would never make it to a gym. Aside from that, my kids have so much homework, so you can imagine how hectic that can be. What made me start Bodyrocking wAs watching my sister's transformation! That is so inspirational. She introduced me Bodyrock and made sure she told me to take daily pics of my pre~Workout. This would allow me to see the changes which will motivate me to not stop. It is so easy to give up especially while I work out at home alone and i'd rather do other things. I am glad I did it and continue to do so. So I'm sending u a "before and after" of my transformation. The first pic was taken the very first day i worked out 9/2012 and the final pic was from 2/2104 That's a whole 18 months! Now I obviously would have had much better and faster results had I listened to u about my food intake a lot sooner. I'm fairly embarrassed by it but hey, who knows this may help other moms that are in my situation to try it and not give up, just as my sister said to me. I will be 40 this year and I have never felt so healthy and strong on my life. I know u can't see my arms In the pics but they do look so different and I can see definition. I obviously have a lot more work but I wanted to share with u all what I've accomplished because of ur hard work. I am extremely grateful for all you do! Thanks again and I wish you all much success! BTW, finished day 5 of BC today and OMG! Sean kicked my butt! xxoo, Erika   10003964_598970366860119_1263120117_n  

If you want to see results you have to

Work Hard

Eat Clean

Stick with it!


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