BodyRock Sweatography: 2 Years of Hiiting It!

#OMG Amanda Pilarski Hi BodyRockers;I sent in my first two photos a year and a half ago, to show progress on my journey with Fibromyalgia and BodyRock. I was diagnosed with it at 16, and Michigan weather never seems to do me much justice. I had many problems with chronic pain, extreme amounts of fatigue and depression. I first discovered BodyRock in the late Winter/early Spring of 2012, and loved the results I was getting as early as that Summer. I took a break a year later in the Spring of 2013 and after a few months my health started declining durastically; I had heart palpitations, the chronic pain was worse than ever, neuro problems with fibro fog, I wasn't eating or sleeping. I decided then it was time to get back into the swing of things.In order, my photos are as posted: 1. March 2nd, 2012; At 6'2 I weighed 211lb, the heaviest Ive ever been. I constantly slept, ate terrible, and couldn't run more than a half block without getting tired. 2. July 22nd, 2012; Almost 5 months later, at 185lbs. I mostly lost weight but I felt stronger, I had more agility, I could run 2-3mi fairly well. I ate better, and had a better time wanting to work out. 3. February 3rd, 2014; I've been staying at a fairly steady 167lbs. I didn't lose as much weight as before, but I gained a fair amount of muscle. I have ran a handful of 5Ks as well as participated in Warrior Dash, both of which I was incredibly intimidated by and thought I never could. I am constantly conscious of what I'm eating, but not afraid to indulge in a treat once in a blue moon. I don't drink as much either, and have much more ambition to leave the house and do things, as well as take time to workout everyday. My Fibro pain is definitely still present but is much easier to deal with, and my depression has declined almost completely. I was able to be off medications my doctors were trying to push almost indefinitely. I am truly happy with myself physically and emotionally. **As a side note, I have noticed that unfortunately on almost every photo, there are people who are negative towards who is willing to put themselves out there for the world to see; doubting their accomplishments, saying they're "professionals" and say certain things aren't possible. Everyone will post things for different reasons but regardless, whoever does has a lot of guts to make themselves vulnerable and put their flaws out there. A few years ago, I NEVER would have put this first photo up. I now look back at it and wonder where that person went. The reason I put this up isn't for attention or to gain brownie points from anyone. I made the decision because everyone has struggles everyday, and whether we realize it or not, they can effect our bodies on a daily basis. Whether it be Fibromyalgia or simply Insecurity of the Body, there is ALWAYS an answer to help. For me, to find such a great program with people who are so uplifting and encouraging, as well as informative, and not have to worry about paying for it or missing times is remarkable. Keep in mind that yes, 211 is a heavy weight for my frame but as a reminder, I'm over 6ft tall. People carry weight in different ways, as well as lose it. I also changed my diet drastically. For those who have skepticism or rude thoughts, please keep them to yourself. They won't change someones health/weight results. As for those through BodyRock, thank you so much for being a consistent program that is so easy for someone to jump into at their own pace. The 30 day challenges are fantastic, as well as the other videos I find on here. Thank you for contributing to my personal accomplishments and giving people an opportunity to change their life for the better
Yes, yes, so much yes. Amanda, you are an inspiration to us all and we cannot thank you enough for sharing this with us and the BodyRock community. And we can't thank you enough that a diet change IS NECESSARY if you want to see those results! We know that for so many people it is that last, seemingly impossible hurtle. And we're here to help. Hiit with us AND eat with us - we guarantee you won't regret. Click here to jump over that last hurtle and get your diet on track!

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