BodyRock Sweatography: 20 Minutes of Hiit a Day!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Jennifer Just wanna share my 30 day progress from 20 min HIITs daily, one day of rest, and drinking enough water. I am a wife, mommy of one, and full time employee. For a long time, I was putting my own needs in the back burner, so everyone else's needs could be addressed. Naturally, my health suffered, and with it, my confidence. Recently, I decided I would change all that and specifically carved out time for exercise. I made it a point to at least have 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day. When I found you guys through Facebook, I was interested in the mini workouts and short HIIT sessions. I tried them and loved them, especially the tabata ones. Okay, I don't love them while I am doing them. In fact, I despise them. But I do love the feeling afterwards. On days I feel extra motivated, I do some of the Insanity classes, but modified to low impact, since I have moderate scoliosis (45 degrees). My workouts are never more than 30 minutes, but I hit them as hard as I can while I'm at it. I am really psyched with these results, and have mustered up the courage to share it. I know doing this opens the door to some negative comments, but that doesn't matter to me, because in my own mind, I have already won anyway. I hope it motivates others to get up and work out.   If it helps, here are some things I've decided to live by: 1. Love yourself and love your life. I mean fall in love with it, not in a narcissistic kind of way, but just genuinely fall in love with yourself and your life. Remember when you fell in love with your spouse, or your child, and there was nothing you wouldn't do for them? Find that same love and apply it to yourself. It will help you find the determination to be healthy enough to prolong it. It will also keep you from cheating.   2. Find the right motivation. Fitting into that little black dress may sound like a great motivation, but it might not be as effective on days when you are leaning towards skipping your workout. For me, what worked was wanting enough energy to be able to chase my kindergartener around and have fun doing it. When you have energy, it doesn't feel like a chore.     3. Compete with yourself, not with others. 'Unless you are lucky enough to share Charlize Theron's genes (or insert amazing bodied celebrity's name here), you will never have the same body no matter how much you work out. But see, everyone has a better version of themselves - whether it was your pre pregnancy body, or whatever. Strive to get there, because you've been there once. You know you can get there again.   4. Be selfish with your workout time. In my case, I have an hour between when I get home from work and when I have to pick up my son. Sometimes, instead of working out, I want to just clean the house or run another errand. Then, I tell myself, "NO, this is your exercise time. The mess can wait. This is not spare time. This is workout time. If you want to clean the house, find spare time. But this is not it."   5. If you have to trick yourself, do it. Sometimes, I workout right when I get up, before my brain even registers "Hey! What are you doing?!?" At that point, I'm already in the middle of it, so might as well finish it.   6. Take before and after pictures, and measure. There are many times I almost gave up. For the first two weeks, the scale was not budging. In fact, it kept trying to climb up. Had I gone with a weighing scale alone, I would have thrown the towel. But I kept taking pictures, and I thought I started discerning improvement. After a week, I started taking measurements, and I was losing inches. Then, when I really started seeing improvements. it got me more and more motivated. To date, I have really only lost 4 lbs. but I have lost a total of 6.5 inches from my breast/waist/hips measurement --- 4.5 inches were from my waistline.   7. Find friends that have similar goals, and hold yourselves accountable. My friends and I created a group on Facebook, and I have a couple of friends on myfitnesspal who are also looking to get in shape. On the group, we declare our achievements, as well as our failures, and everyone cheers everyone else on. On myfitnesspal, when I am feeling the urge to eat something super unhealthy, I snoop into my friends' diaries and see how healthy they are eating, and sometimes, it helps.   8. Allot a rest day or two. Don't overdo it. Your body needs to recover.   9. Drink water. I used to not drink as much water. Lately, I've been trying to drink at least the 8 glasses of water recommended, and when I am hungry, I reach for water before food. Sometimes, it's really thirst, even if it feels like hunger. So, that's it. Good luck everyone! I have another month to go, before I can ease up and maintain.   *For those who are interested to know, the scar on my belly was from a surgery for intussusception, which I had when I was 7 years old. It almost claimed my life, but I am still here today. I wear that battle scar proudly. beforeafter2   UPDATE: After 60 Days of Hiit 10606184_10204088787254342_560295576071285162_n-2   Jennifer, you are an inspiration and a model BodyRocker. We couldn't be prouder or more humbled that you are in our community. For anyone having doubts about starting to hiit & making changes in your life - take a page from Jennifer's book. Change IS possible, it does not have to take up your entire day and it CAN be fit into a busy schedule!     BodyRockers, if you want to see results like this, click here to join us for Hiit Max!  HIITMAX_PLUS_grande

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