BodyRock Sweatography: 25lbs down in 4 Months!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Kar   I lost 12kg in about 4 months (started my weight loss journey in March 2014). My story is as follows: "Like most of the people I know, I have battled the bulges, like, FOREVER! The roads have been lonely. I moaned in the dressing room and wallowed in self-loathing almost every single day. I hated and couldn't bear looking at myself into the mirror, especially naked. Being so physically unattractive, the name callings (e.g. "Fatty", "Bum Bum", "Hippo", etc.) by my peers as well as by my own parents had had my self-esteem plummeted and I was constantly plunged in the depths of depression and misery. When every girl was seeing someone and being asked out for dates, all I could do was just to fantasize and wish. My body size and weight (my "peak" was 86kg then) had significantly affected me in every area of my life, as my self-esteem went into a dip. As I was pursuing my dreams, one of my biggest challenges was to overcome my pathethically low self-esteem. My body size and weight caused me a lot of discomfort. I knew if I wanted a breakthrough in life, I had to do something about it. My PURPOSE was clear. The battle to defeat my heavier self was one of the toughest fights in my life. I had to CHANGE - my attitudes, my diet, my habits, my routes, my excuses. It was like a full-scale war. Was it difficult? You bet it was! Was it achievable? Of course it was! I am just an ordinary person. All I decided was, just once, I had to push myself harder. I set a clear GOAL and I started just almost immediately! Enough of planning which had given more "justifications" for the procrastination. The plan was simple: a healthy diet plan + a workout plan. > Healthy diet = 3 eating plates = 3 meals of fruits + 3 meals of vegetables + 3 meals of proteins + 3 meals of carbohydrates (all portions of about a fist size except for half a fist size for carbohydrates) > Exercise = 0.5 hour of cardio (at least 5 times/ week) + 0.5 hour of strength training (3 times/ week) > Additional booster: supplements (i.e. multivitamins and fish oil) + discipline + persistence It was simple, but challenging as I struggled against the habits I had cultivated my entire life. What kept me motivated were the CLARITY of my goal (inspired by the breakthrough I was looking forward to when I could accept and feel confident about myself) and the weekly positive RESULTS when I stepped on the scale. (Tips: Keep yourself occupied, with family, work, passion, personal development, or even a social life. This is also an opportunity to work on other areas of your life.) It's somewhat understandable that we like to seek rewards (especially extrinsic ones) and immediate gratifications upon achieving certain milestones or achievements. Asians, especially, somehow, have a very interesting modus operanti on this - celebration ALWAYS directly means FOOD! Of course, I'm only human. I do have temptations and urges. At times, I do allow myself to indulge - be it in chocolates, cakes, bakery, spaghetti, fast food, popcorn and all. I think the key to a healthy lifestyle is MODERATION. > (P. S. There is no free lunch in this world, so remember to pay "it" back or pay "it" forward - EXERCISE!) When I achieved some positive results, I rewarded myself by getting myself a new set of clothes, usually it would be already one size smaller that I could fit in. See? Here, my rewards are actually a new set of clothes (women love shopping) + a great sense of achievement (I could go one size smaller) + boosted self-esteem (when I tried on the new clothes I had never been able to fit in all along). Many people query and doubt - if there would be a rebound and how sustainable the results would be. I know how hard I have worked for all that I have now and I have savored the ups and downs throughout the journey. Plus the formation of a new habit, which is way healthier, I believe it would be maintainable with minimal effort.   beforeafter   What's next? As I keep soaring with this new found self-esteem, I'm all ready to take on greater challenges in life. I love my new self now - one with much greater power, vibrancy and confidence!  


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