BodyRock Sweatography - Before and After the 30 Day Challenge

Hello bodyrock people! Thank you very much for aiding in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I am a mother of two wonderful toddlers who keep me very busy 24/7 so bouncing back to my previous baby body after gaining 20 kilograms with each pregnancy seemed nearly impossible. I signed up for the #30daychallenge and here I am happier than ever, thrilled with the results and determined to never again  be in bad shape. No more excuses of not having time to workout, my kids and husband deserve a better me! Working out makes me happy, sets me free and gives me the strength to live to the fullest each day of my career as a stay at home mom and make this country a better place to live starting with my own home. Keep up motivating us and posting great articles and challenges. You have me for life. Kind greetings from southern Mexico, Barbara   unnamed   Way to go Barbara. We are so proud of you!! Want results like Barbara? Click here to Hiit the 30 Day Challenge!

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