BodyRock Sweatography: 5 Weeks of BodyRocking

Inspirational BodyRocker: Brittany I have been a fan of Body Rock on Facebook for a while now and 5 weeks ago I decided to finally do something about it. I have tried a lot over the years to loose weight. What I have learned is that I had to find something that worked for me. With inspiration from real womens stories from your page and my own will power I have seen some serious changes in my body. I have have gained around 2 pounds so far, but have lost some serious inches! I was very into working out about 5 years ago before I started college, but after my freshman year I had some serious weight gain. I had gotten off of birthcontrol and gained around 30 plus pounds in a very very short period of time. It has seemed almost impossible to loose this weight until now. I plan on continuing my work out plan until I reach my goal of fitting into my my old jeans.   10505436_10155228741140262_5054535341439127020_n Once I reach my goal I plan on re evaluating my work out plan and create new goals to reach for myself. I have learned my best way to stick to my work out plan was to create a weekly work out sheet that I have to check off each exercise as I do them to hold my self accountable for actually working out. I do have a private Facebook page for my weight loss that I plan on opening up to the public in the future or after my 90 day mark which is my first goal. I hope that my progress can help inspire someone else to reach their goals, or at least show them that no matter where you start that it is possible for your body to change and look and feel amazing. My pictures I included are Day 1 (leopard shorts) Week 5 ( Black leggings purple sports bra) Week 4 (black with green waist band). 10470575_10155199349830262_4765099210267161051_n11050159_10155228212480262_1311227311427774960_n10168085_10155227840820262_9058005554372779707_n   I found that taking weekly pictures and comparing them to each other has really helped me stay on track. I only weigh my self on my weigh in Wednesdays so that I wont get so caught up in my weight I forget what I'm working toward. I also don't diet at all. When I was younger around 13 or 14 I had awful body image issues and would either not eat of force myself to throw up my food, or even worse take laxatives constantly. 10407097_10155227841085262_9045085739236017377_n So I know for myself I just can't concentrate on those things with out going back to being that unhealthy person. What I do instead is eat two normal sized meals a day what ever those may be and not go back for seconds and I do a protein shake after I work out to keep my blood sugar up and stay ready for my day. I truly hope that my story can help people out there struggling with weight as I was and am still doing!  

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