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Inspirational BodyRocker: Misty

1463927_527213697369120_1834043505_n 60083_527213707369119_176400153_n 1425727_527213807369109_1092219906_n   Misty has taken HUGE strides in her progress and you can definitely see she's come a long ways in just 30 days! Way to go Misty! One thing she mentions in her picture captions is "bloating". For many who do not have their diet in check (or who suffer from various health ailments), bloating can be a big issue. The causes and solutions vary depending on your circumstance, but a healthy, balanced diet will ALWAYS help to reduce bloating. Our 14-Day nutrition guide is perfect for those who suffer from bloating and need help to get their nutrition in check. Click here to check it out.

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