BodyRock Sweatography: 6 Months Later


Inspirational BodyRocker: Dalton

All through junior high and high school I was picked on and bullied. Teased for being small and scrawny, just your usual story. When I graduated I weighed probably 104, and a few years after I started training in martial arts and self defense because I was tired of it all, but my vision of becoming a martial artist was slightly misconstrued because I wasn't getting bigger at all. Till one day when I was sitting in a college class and I was trying to talk to a girl next to me when I kept noticing that she was checking out this huge guy in front of me. At that point I said I'm done. I'm sick of being skin and bone. That day me and my best friend went to a 24 hour fitness and I signed up without hesitation. I didn't even have the money for it but I didn't care. I wanted it. The picture attached is my 5-6ish month transformation. I went in not knowing anything about body building and had to learn through trial and error while listening to the "bro science" passed along from person to person. I would only go at night at about 1-3 am because I was embarrassed. Since then I have gotten about 12 people to start going to the gym regularly and have had an impact on many others. I know I'm not huge or shredded, but people defiantly saw the work I put it and were impressed. That was all I wanted to do. But it does not stop here because now it's become an addiction. I've learned how to eat properly, which took me a couple months, correct form and how to schedule my sleep hours all from learning the hard way. I just hope I can be an impact on many other people and help other people who were just like me, scrawny and small, not to be afraid to bite the bullet and jump into the gym! BodyRock helped keep me going with all of the inspirational posts that made me remember why I started in the first place. It's one of the many online sources for great motivation and tips for healthy foods! photo   This attitude, this transformation and this drive is what it's all about. Bravo Dalton - you should be incredibly proud! nutritionguideoffer  

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