BodyRock Sweatography: 66lbs Down!!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Naomi

Hello BodyRockers! I love your video's . Actually you are all my personal trainer!  I use a lot of your stuff in my workouts. I've lost 30 kg in two years time. And just started training to become a bikini model. I am 35 years old from Amsterdam. I would love to be featured by you in your inspirational body changes section! Keep on Body Rocking! XO Naomi 10151091_601460293268371_1691477037_n   This is fantastic Naomi! We're so proud of you! For all those BodyRockers looking to make a change, we're here for you!Click here to join Boot Camp! and follow the Pinterest board and get EXCLUSIVE Boot Camp Offers! Follow BodyRock TV /'s board BodyRock Boot Camp - 21 Day Challenge on Pinterest.

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