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Inspirational BodyRocker: Catherine Chen

So I don't think this posted earlier... Finished the 30 Day Challenge today!!! I was proud of myself for doing the 10 mountain climbers, spider push-ups, jump tuck cardio through the whole video! My arms were pretty much jelly by the end and it looked like I just got out of the shower because I sweat so much, but I felt great. I'm going to take a rest day tomorrow and start this all over again. I love these workouts! Thanks Lisa! I really hope you do another real time challenge like this one. This was one of the most fun workout series I've ever done. I'm sure you know by now from everyone else's posts that your hard work and dedication to fitness has really helped so many people. Here's me after today's day 30 workout (and after a shower!!). 1005111_539259926164497_71269625_n

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