BodyRock Sweatography: 8 Months of Hiit

Inspirational BodyRocker: Keisha BodyRockers anything is possible. I just wanted to share my pics with you. I started my First Challenge using The DailyHiit website, it was the Fry Fat in 5 Days Challenge. I saw Lisa Marie and I I felt like she was talking to me through my laptop. I signed up and followed every challenge ever since. Along with changing my diet, eating clean (well I call my rule the 95/5 rule instead of using the 80/20), cutting out sugar and salt and detoxing every 3 months, also doing yoga, pilates and now kickboxing....... these are the progress pics since Jan this year, straight up to 09/26/14 yesterday, after I completed Day 10 of the Hiit Max. If I can do it you can too. I am a cancer survivor and proud mom of 2, my kids and husband are my cheerleaders and my rock. I also formed a local group called the POW (People on Wellness) and we exercise and push each other and share healthier and tried versions of our fav recipes. So when Lisa-Marie BodyRock.Tv Host says HIGH FIVE I do mine with much appreciated enthusiasm. I AM A BODYROCKER FOR LIFE!!! What about you????   10689730_689919297765225_7715296075515771621_n     HIITMAX_PLUS_grande-2

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