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Inspirational BodyRocker: Kelly

  I just wanted to send a big THANKS! I got back from serving as a Peace Corps volunteer for 26mths in Cameroon, Africa in August. I survived that experience by doing your workouts! I kept a journal and every time I had internet access I would spend hours looking over the workouts and scribbling them down in my journal so that I could refer to them in my small village. However, my diet was horrible! Availability of fresh healthy products was minimal. I had a diet that consisted of so many simple carbs and it made me feel awful! Since being home I have adjusted my diet in major ways - NO SUGAR, NO SIMPLE CARBS, NO SODA!! I've been eating really clean. That combined with the 30 day challenge as well as P90X has really changed me body! I'm still working on it but I'm really happy with my progress! Once again THANK YOU!!!! The first two photos were in Sept 2013. The last three were today, December 2nd. FYI I have lost 10lbs but more importantly I've lost a total of 13.5 inches!! 1426695_540469329376890_1380255587_n 996067_540469146043575_1446809817_n 1474637_540476359376187_786778946_n999792_540476349376188_1081266081_n

Way to go Kelly! She's TOTALLY adopted the motto that abs are made in the kitchen! You can see a huge difference in her core and even notice that any bloating (often from carbs, sugar, pop and all that good stuff) has gone way down. For all our BodyRockers struggling to get their diets in line with their training, use our 14-day nutrition guide. The recipes are simple, adaptable and will give you the results you WANT and DESERVE. Click here to check it out!

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