BodyRock Sweatography: Another Testament to Gluten Bloat

Inspirational BodyRocker: Livvy
Since y'all have covered the gluten bloat topic a few times I thought id share. On the left is 20 minutes after eating a smidge of gluten and the one on the right is an hour later. Love body rock!!! Such a great community of ppl. Keep up the great work!
Gluten will not make everyone bloated.
Cutting out gluten is not necessary for everyone.
Removing gluten from your diet is not a weight loss trick.
But for those with celiacs, gluten intolerance or other gluten sensitivities - learning about your issue and how to correct it can be LIFE CHANGING!
If you think you suffer from gluten intolerance, a change in your diet is the BEST way to find out. Our Catching Fire Nutrition Guide was created by our resident Holistic Nutritionist Ciara Foy. It is completely gluten free, cow dairy free & has a complete inflammation-reducing meal plan as well as some tips and tricks you’ll be holding up your sleeve for years to come!

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