BodyRock Sweatography: THIS IS BODYROCKING!

Alexandra's BodyRock Story I would love to be on the website that has changed my life so much! These are my progress pics and this is my story. I found body rock in November of 2012, I remember it well, it was the moment when I had hit absolute rock bottom. Let me back up a couple of steps to how I got there. When I was young I was very active, I could never sit still, I was always one of those kids who never had time to do anything but play. Even sitting to eat was too much of a hassle, I would grab a piece of food and walk around the table in circles(which absolutely drove my father crazy), but I was always on the go, always happy. I had a sensitive stomach even back then and I spent a lot of time throwing up, but we never spent much time thinking about it, just assuming I would grow out of it. I was skinny and small and active and that’s the way it was, my nickname was “bony butt”. That all changed when I turned 16, and I started throwing up and could not stop. From that point on it was a series of long hospitalizations, lots of missed school, liver biopsy’s(they even told me at one point that if the lesions on my liver did not stop growing, I would be put on the liver transplant list). I was in and out of surgery (losing my gall bladder and appendix within months of each other). My stomach was marked up like a bad map with surgical scars, and I was constantly having exploratory surgeries. If that was not enough, I had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It was a miserable time of being stuck in bed, too weak to do anything else. I was being put on liquid diets for days multiple times a month, so they could “test me” and food was constantly being taken away from me, the words of “don’t eat this, only eat that” was always changing. Suddenly good nutrition became a huge question mark, and food became an emotional necessity, something to eat to hold onto. Fast forward to challenging high school and college years, extreme exhaustion, constant sickness, and finally being diagnosed with celiac disease. I was always tired; I had gained a lot of weight and did not even know how to stop it. In November 2012, I contracted a deadly case of bacterial pneumonia, I was hospitalized for 1 week and put on bed rest for a month after, my lung had been damaged and I will have resulting scar tissue for the rest of my life. I remember sitting on the couch, eating a huge helping of chocolate covered almonds, crying and feeling hopeless and looking at Pinterest. There was a feeling of utter disgust with myself. It was then I found bodyrock and my world was changed forever. “What do you mean you can do a work out in 12 minutes??” I thought, I am going to try this, it cannot be that hard!! I barely made it through 9 minutes and had to quit!! Fast forward over a year later, I can do elevated push ups and squat like there is no tomorrow. I can pump out an hour long work out with Lisa and feel awesome! I have seen my body both physically and mentally take huge strides. I do have an autoimmune disorder, and I do have a host of physical issues, but my attitude is so different even in my times of illness, Lisa and the bodyrock team carry me through. I don’t stop! I have so much more energy; I am able to hike and stay active and play the sports that I love! This 30 day real time challenge was my ultimate favorite! I am on day 16 of my second time through, and I feel incredible. Lisa makes me feel like anything I want to do is possible and to constantly push the limits of what I think I can do. In this community, no one is alone, even on my bad days you all help carry me through, it is an amazing feeling! I have seen amazing progress through this challenge, I have lost countless inches, I have lost two cup sizes in my bra, things that used to be tight are baggy and the new size 6 jeans and clothes I just bought, already are too loose! I want to do this for the rest of my life and I carry this attitude and strength with me wherever I go. Working out with Lisa is like being with my best friend, and completing challenges makes that sick girl I used to know further behind me every day and I thank the bodyrock team for that!! Helping me to reach my goals, 1 push up at a time ;).   Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.19.37 PM Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.19.43 PM Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.19.52 PM Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.19.59 PM [caption id="attachment_42479" align="alignnone" width="645"]February 2014!! February 2014!![/caption] Alexandra, you have our deepest sympathies for your hardships and struggles. But you have our utmost respect for being able to overcome and grow from them. BodyRockers, take note. No matter what you struggle with, no matter what holds you back - you CAN prevail! And we are here to ensure your success. If you're ready to take that first step forward, sign up below for BodyRock Boot Camp.
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