BodyRock Sweatography: Cancer Survivor turned Body Builder

Inspirational BodyRocker: Dez   I fought cancer last year having a double surgery. I was told that because of my efforts in change to go from just a bikini model to a bikini fitness competitor, it consisted of a high protein and very clean eating regimen with weigjtlifting exercise,which saved my life. My doctor felt that it definitely stopped anything from getting worse. 10647803_840446952647222_782384845_n 10660446_840448842647033_624594485_n I am now cancer free as of June 27th 2013 and will continue on my journey competing in the bodybuilding industry. You [BodyRock] all promote health improvement and its an honor to share a story that could help others. I truly know that processed foods are not good and exercise is so important. The day i got the news i was devistated but when i found out that it could have been worse it felt good to know that the clean eating I changed to was what helped me I had hope after surgery that I can keep it away 10654155_840600285965222_1790696603_n

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