BodyRock Sweatography: The Difference of Diet

My name is Claire, I am 29, I have just started the 21 day bootcamp, I am up to day 5. I am loving the work outs, even though I dont have any equipment, a big space or the Guide, I just wanted to share my progress. I started a Paleo for Beginners diet 7 days ago, and the work outs 5 days ago. Below is a pic from 14 days ago till now. I am fairly certain I am Gluten Intolerant! Anyways... thanks for the insane motivation and you dont need to start out fancy to get results! Now that I CAN see results I am going to splash out and buy a pink sand bag! diet   This kind of progress in two weeks is possible because it is DIET BASED. Those that have food intolerances are often subject to horrible and sometimes extreme bloating. If you remove the problem food and clean up your diet, you'll be AMAZED at the difference it makes in your mood, your health and your appearance. Way to go Claire!

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