BodyRock Sweatography: Gluten Bloat is F*cking Real

This blog is part-rant part-clarification. Recently we posted this picture of a girl who was able to see HUGE changes because she is gluten intolerant and cleaned up her diet. 582x391x10294385_699890280053988_4623353476127005566_n-e1398779945140.jpg.pagespeed.ic.dZr08eMWkm     You can read her whole story here: I'm the blog and community manager for BodyRock TV. I am the one who received her email and photo and posted it without even questioning if the transformation is real. Why? Because I am also gluten intolerant and know that this type of body transformation is absolutely possible. So when people started posting that we were showing fake images, I got a bit offended. I took this way too personally and wanted to stand up for this girl and her circumstance, because I know it's not fun. But I realized that maybe people aren't as aware about how much your body can change from one day to another when you suffer from food allergies. Her picture on the left is extreme bloating - but that muscle definition is DEFINITELY there. She did not build her abs in two weeks - she abolished her bloat. The pictures below are of me. They are in the reverse order. On the left is how my stomach looks normally - I have some definition and am a pretty small human. The photo on the right is of me after ingesting gluten (yes they are snoopy pyjamas and yes I'm an adult). glutenbloat  

These photos were taken less than 4 hours apart. 

  I realize this is the opposite transformation and I realize the angle/lighting/blah blah aren't the same - but what I want to illustrate is that the change happens INCREDIBLY fast. That picture on the right isn't even at the peak of my gluten bloat. "Maybe you just really needed to go to the bathroom" Yeah - no. The bloating is not from over eating and being too full. It is the reaction to ingesting something you can't digest. To prove my point, I glutened myself today. These photos are taken 20 minutes apart in the same lighting, same bathroom, same pose. And please note, I have scoliosis. The curve in my back is not pushing out - that's just me. In about 5 hours, I will look at least 6 months pregnant. gluten3 It will take me at least a week of clean eating to go back to my normal appearance. So yes, her transformation IS possible. Unfortunately I do it all the time. If you can relate to this, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the catching fire guide. I'm not plugging it - I'm advising you. If you suffer from extreme bloating, the ONLY way to fix it is through diet. Nutritionist Ciara Foy and this guide have helped me more than I can put into words - click here to give it a shot.   

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