BodyRock Sweatography - Holy Sh*t

Hi Lisa! I finally decided to share my progress. I know there is a long way to go yet and I want to keep improving, but while I reach my goals, I thought it'd be nice to know what the community thinks of my pics I started Bodyrocking on February 11th last year... But it wasn't untill August (when I took the pictures on the bottom) when I decided to change my eating habits completely. 6 months struggling hard with your gym routines and that was my body? Where were my results? I was very disappointed, but I also realized that from that point, there were only one way to continue: eating clean plus the gym. Nothing else could work. So I commited my self to that, and I still am. And I've never been more happy with my body Even though I know I'm not done, and that I'll never be, for this is a way of life. Thank you Lisa, I'm here not only because of my will power but also because you have always found the way to motivate me. 1604581_558660300891126_2104955401_n Not only is this a fantastic transformation - the confidence exuded in the after pictures is just AMAZING. Bravo! And bravo on recognizing that a change in diet is the KEY to success. For all those BodyRockers out there who want results like this, you need to get your diet in check! And we can help!

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