BodyRock Sweatography: Inspiration from Unexpected Sources

Inspirational BodyRocker: Marika I came from USA on 7th of May. (3 years I was there)I gained weight 10 kilos!!! I was working out every day, but I ate too much. And just rubbish. I came back to my country (Slovakia). I started to workout really hard, plus I changed my habbits with food. No flour, no sweets, no oiled food. Sometimes I work out two times per day. Its my passion and relax. I lost my brother three months ago... and I am sure he gave me a lot of power to be stronger!!! He loved to exercise.... and for sure I eat chocolate once per week or chips.... but I watch out what I eat... I want to be healthy with muscles.... as you are and my brother was... respect to you and peace and love to my brother. And I am going to have six packs! I am still on my way to be in better shape.... Exercise, run, bike, swim are the best way! 10588897_10202722572886817_1238640791_n  

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