BodyRock Sweatography: Journey to LIFESTYLE

Inspirational BodyRocker: Erica   Dear Melissa & Rita-I finished my 30 day Catching Fire challenge yesterday.  I have to say, I never expected to get through it after doing the first day.  I couldn't even do a push up.  I was completely out of breathe and couldn't stop thinking about how I had 29 more days to go.  Well, I stuck with it-still working out on rest days and adding in a hike or gym cardio as well.  But not much!  I changed my diet and really focused on eating healthy and as clean as possible.  I kept thinking, how am I going to be able to continue this?  How am I going to be motivated?  How is this actually going to become my way of life.  Now I know!  Day 10 was a turning point for me.  I knew I was 1/3 of the way there and at that point, my cravings weren't for chocolate and sandwhiches.  They were for spinach, granola, bananas, and cucumbers!  I started to understand how it could become my way of life.  Now, day 31-I'm more motivated than I ever was.  I feel incredible, look better, and have a ton of energy.  I'm so thankful to the hiit community and BodyRockTV for posting inspirational stories everyday.  And to Melissa and Rita-you have changed my life.  You ladies are my heroes.  I did swear at you and refused to give you a high five at the end sometimes but I also cried on day 30 when I listened to the two of you say how proud of me you were.  Thank you for caring and knowing how difficult this can actually be.  Here are some photos of my results: Day 1, day 15, day 30! Thank you! -E   unnamed (3) unnamed (2) If you're ready to make a change, sign up below to join BodyRock Boot Camp
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