BodyRock Sweatography: Ladies - LIFT!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Geanna its been a very long road with my weight loss battle. I stared working out over a year ago doing the insanity program every second day and jogging. then last fall I started floor hockey and got into women's hockey last winter where its was pretty competitive hockey but that's where I made my big gains. This year I started doing weight training and jogging alternating given that I love doing cardio and weights. I started following you not long ago always looking for new was to improve my workouts and make new challenges . so far I've lost 44 pounds . I more so wanted to show this pictures to women saying that anything is possible and never to be afraid of using weights as this is given proof that weights don't turn you into the hulk lol rather tone you up... 10439574_351791688315515_731954982_n     10726797_352094391618578_537018130_n

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