BodyRock Sweatography: Nutrition + Exercise = Success

Hi Bodyrock Team! I just wanted to share my before and afters, though please don't tag me in a post (not really the "Hey look at me" type with my friends) even though I tell everyone about you. Your before and after posts have always inspired me so maybe mine can do that for someone else.  I'm a 40 year old mother of 3 and never thought I would have abs like I do now. I have followed bodyrock on fb for a couple of years but didn't really believe I would get the results that I wanted from the short workouts.  Last October I saw the longer workouts with the RTC and decided to give it a try. Amazing results! Though keep in mind fellow bodyrockers I also committed to eating clean (90% of the time). I learned through trial and error that you can't cheat the system so to speak. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand.  For those of you interested, I only bodyrock.  I do not do any other form of exercise and I workout 4 days a week since the other 3 days of the week I work long shifts.  I do eat clean 90% of the time, but admittedly I am a chocolaholic, which explains the 10%.
I thank the bodyrock team for all that you do. A special thank you to Lisa-Marie, who I believe has a charisma that enables her to inspire and motivate so many.  Not to mention her silly sense of humor, along with the odd strange "trumpy" noise that actually makes the workouts fun. Thank you Thank you!
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