BodyRock Sweatography: One Year of Dedication

Inspirational BodyRocker: Lena   i was always a chubby girl in high school and in 12 grade i gain some more weight.. i couldnt fit in my clothes.. so i started dieting with a nutrition i lost about 10 kilos ( i was 84 and i reached 74) 10603050_10154517738355427_133504626_n Later on i stopped but i was still taking care what i was eating so i continued losing some weight but a little10596203_10154517915290427_1438061173_n   This september I began doing cross fit & body rock and i went to a ready good athletic nutrion and lost some more weight.. now i am 60 kilos with 15 % body fat. vanessa tib was the fitness model that motivated me allot,i was also watching your blog and alot of others with transformations,fitness models so i reached my goal and i never want to go back to were i started ! 10621131_10154517720980427_366878480_n   700x364xSignUpCTA.jpg.pagespeed.ic.RS9s2C9dIZ

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