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Inspirational BodyRockers: Sharail and Marie.

A fellow BodyRocker contacted us on behalf of her friend Sharail. She was so inspired by her transformation and felt we needed to hear her story. "She had 6 children. The last two were back to back. She decided at her highest weight that she wasn't going to live that way anymore. She's documented everything she's eaten on her fb page and all her exercises. She started dec 2012 and this is her now. She is AMAZING and would gladly share her story." 10339059_10152049901531965_1050589706_n 954665_10201474717327019_585794866_n Sharail had this to say about her journey
" First I love body rock!!!! These daily HITT exercises kept me from plateuing in my weight loss journey.  I've done the 30 day challenges and they are tough.  But what I love most about body rock it kept my body in a "shock" mode.  When the body adapts to a certain exercise it keeps giving the same results....body rock has given my body a "shock" each week!  How did I achieve my results?  I stayed consistent. I never gave up.  Although there were alot of bumps on the road.....I kept moving.  Losing weight and getting in shape is not a easy task.  It takes a great deal of passion to want more!!!! Thats what I wanted! I wanted MORE! I wanted more for myself.  I wanted more for my kids.  And I still want more....Stepping on that scale Dec 4, 2012 I was 291 lbs.  I wasn't proud of my weight and I wanted to change.  I took the mentality if I lose 2 lbs a week that will be 108 pds in a year....I kept that Mantra going.....Although I surpassed that with Body Rock I was able to concur 100 pds in 7 months.  I am a full time mom.  I am a full time employee.  I do have six kids...but I do love me! I loved me that  much to want I took the necessary steps to accomplish this mission. "
551155_10200807655170882_592177920_n unnamed (4)   Sharail inspired her friend to kick off her own transformation as well. 10170964_10152051320121965_6080711505428119440_n     We're so immensely proud of both these amazing women and couldn't be more humbled to be a part of their journey. If you want results like these ladies, you HAVE to work for them. But we're here to help each and every one of you. [caption id="attachment_47772" align="alignnone" width="650"][/caption]

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