BodyRock Sweatography: Working Mom Gets Her Body & Her Life Back!

Inspirtional BodyRocker: Illeah  I have always tried to be active, but as i breached my 30's my metabolism slowed to a snails pace! I tried the gym membership and classes, but getting me there was hard. im a full time working mom and wife who felt guilty leaving my husband and son for even an hour when my time with them during the work week was so limited. I started bodyrocking in March in order to stay home and still workout, albeit without all the fancy gym equipment. I used things around the house, and of course my own body weight. The workouts were KILLER. In no time, my body started changing, i had more energy, i started eating right, all the while spending time with my guys (the little one loves to "workout" with me and the big one is actually starting on bodyrocking himself!).  I love bodyrock and am trulry grateful for not only getting my body back, but also my life back! Ive never been this healthy and fit..and best of all...its free! Thank you!   photo1

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