BodyRock Swetography: 120 Days of Hiit

Inspirational BodyRocker: Elizabeth  I hope everyone can see this! I started in January its now April 16th. I cannot express how much Hiit intervals have changed my life. Before I ran and did slight weight training on my own. Having bilateral Achilles tendinitis I would cry myself to sleep from the pain I endured from pounding the pavement or just doing straight jump rope for 40 plus minutes. Splittingcardio with weights has allowed me to start enjoying working out again. I get that giddy feeling to get up everyday to get my train on with Lisa-Marie BodyRock.Tv Host. My body is changing in all the ways I want it to. Also A BIG SHOUT OUT to the realist trainer I have encountered. To be able to be real with the viewers is what it takes to gain peoples trust and you got it babe. For example showing us sometimes even you feel sick to your stomach and cuss when needed I will be starting on my fifth round of the 30 day real-time challenge tommorow and cannot wait to show off better results on day 150.   10009771_606141759476313_8905704894341756026_n

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