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We become what we think about all day long - which makes even the smallest shifts in perception incredibly empowering. I am facing a difficult struggle. I am facing a difficult challenge. Challenges can be overcome, struggles are uncomfortable and often messy. Frame the events in your life in the language and thoughts that inspire you to take action and support your quest. People tend to get mired down in the emotional drama of struggles. Challenges are faced and overcome by people with less groceries in their kart than you on a daily basis - the world is full of inspiring examples of triumph in the face of adversity. This is your life - decide where you want to go and then choose the thoughts that support your path. This workout is going to kick my ass. This workout is going to get it's ass kicked. You decide. Freddy BodyRock Free iphone App is now available :
 BodyRock Lite Video:
[wobreakdown] You will Complete of the following exercises below : - Aim for 100 reps of 4 x 25 split intervals of each :) 1) 100 Sumo Squats & High Knee -  Using the pink Sandbag 2) 100 Side Steps (50 Each Side) – Using the pink Sandbag 3) 100 left Leg Bridge 4) 100 Right Leg Bridge 5) 15 Push-Ups & Plank Hold (- for the count of 10) Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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