BodyRocker Confession: I'm a Fat BodyRocker

I have a confession to make... I'm a fat BodyRocker. But before you tell me it's OK, and that if I keep at it I'll have 6 pack abs soon enough, let me tell you another secret. I've been BodyRocking since 2009. Gasp! Now, before you start calling me blasphemous, and tell me that I must not actually be a BodyRocker, let me tell you a little about this secret of mine. While I may have been at this since 2009, and I may still have a lot of body fat (a few more pounds and I'd be considered obese based on my BMI), I can lift heavy weights like crazy, and get my HIIT on for a good 20 minutes no problem. I have strength and endurance. What I'm trying to say is that even though I don't have six-pack abs, my body is solid and strong. And I like it. We all have different body types, and we all have our strengths... six-pack abs are not one of my strengths, and it doesn't have to be. Howard Schatz's photos of female athletes has gone viral, and that's a good thing. Women are the biggest perpetrators of female body shaming, both of their own bodies and the bodies of other women. Not only is it unacceptable, but it's baseless. All bodies are different, and as long as we're eating right and staying fit, however they turn out is beautiful. BodyRock   And while the images of female athletes may have gone viral, what didn't make the rounds was the male athletes photos. But they should have. Expectations for what a woman's body should look like are outrageous, but just as outrageous are the expectations we have for men's bodies. Not all men are going to look like the perfect male specimen that we have in our head... the perfect male specimen is just as varied as the perfect female specimen. BodyRock   Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. So, let's get over all this name calling and love our bodies... fat (or lack thereof) and all! Do you have a #BodyRockerConfession?  

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