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Hi Lisa Marie,
Hello from Ottawa :) I am a 28 year old mom of 2 and I'm in the Canadian Armed Forces.  My daughter Avery is 2.5 years old and my husband and I recently welcomed our second daughter, Andersynn Jade on 19 June (she's 3 months).  Huge huge fan of you guys!  Bodyrocked through my pregnancy and I have been back at it since she was 3 weeks old.
About a 1.5 ago, I think I was in a spin and yoga class with you at the Goodlife in Kingston.  It was around the same time that a friend had introduced me to your workouts.  I kept thinking to myself that girl is ripped and why does she look so familiar!!  I really wish I would of known it was you then. I would of said thank you for everything you guys do!  I love how I can get an amzing workout in such a short period of time and feel like I killed it at the gym for hours!!  You guys have changed my way of thinking about working out.  I use to be in the gym for at least two hours.  Now I get the results I have always wanted in 15 mins!!
Love Love Love you guys
Jenn Laws

Burpees Everywhere has been replaced with the #bodyrocksquat !!

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