BodyRocker: Mommy Rocker of 5 & Hiiting It!

Inspirational BodyRocker: Molly 90 days! woohoooo HIIT, and weights I actually am an instructor, but took time off after baby num 5... I lived in yoga pants every SINGLE day. When I tried on jeans to go out in public one day, that was IT!!!! And just recently started teaching bootcamp classes again to get others motivated...Out of a storage warehouse lol! I don't work at a gym any more...but our group is growing weekly... We use boxes, ropes, big tires... But most importantly ... Our bodies. I've used several moves from this blog in my classes... And I'm always SMOKED at the end. Ain't nobody got time for treadmills, and other traditional cardio anymore!!! I can't always get to the gym, and a lot of moms and dads can't either! We don't have that much equipment-- I think I'm into everything for $300.... but we make it work! And! I have a girl who comes every time to hang out with any kids that might have to come. Rather than going to the bars etc to socialize... Or center it around FOOD... Our group has an absolute blast working out together... And the kids can come too. You can HIIT anywhere! That's the best part of all:)   10377020_686467092905_3854819222461902170_n   SignUpCTA

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