BodyRockers Group Sweat Workout

Workout Break Down 1. Squat Kick Outs 2. Side Jump Push Up Left and Right 3. 5 Froggies 5 Spidermans 4. Divebombers Follow us: @bodyrocktv on Twitter | BodyTock.Tv on Facebook Motivation: All of you have been working hard to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Is it easy?  The answer is NO. Chances are you have been inspired by someone else or have had an eternal flame lit to make a change in your life.  For BodyRockers, we all know the importance of having support around others who are trying to achieve the same goals.  That is what the BodyRock Community is all about helping eachother with advice, sharing, listening, and pushing eachother to reach new goals. We all know someone in our lives that has struggled with weight problems or making healthy decisions. You probably want to give them the same support you would want  or have recieved in the past.  I am currently making a video of all the BodyRockers that sent in a video to share with the community.  It will be up next week so make sure to look for it!! Best, Sean  

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