BodyRocking for Charity

Recently, the BodyRock community came together and helped a homeless man, Jerry, have a warm place to stay and food to eat for Christmas, click here to read about it if you missed it. With Lisa-Marie's recent call to action for Jerry, and all the no equipment workouts for holiday travels that we've been posting, it dawned on me, that we can use our BodyRocking to help others while getting in a challenging workout on the go. Here's how you can get in an awesome workout, and do a good deed for someone. Next time you're travelling, instead of trying to go equipment free, grab that sandbag of yours, empty out the sand and stick the sandbag shell in your suitcase. When you get to your destination, go to the grocery store and purchase some rice or dog food or cat food etc to fill your sandbag. Use your sandbag as normal for your workouts, and before leaving town, donate that rice/dog food/cat food to a food bank or animal shelter. Not only will you have gotten in a great workout for your muscles, but you will have given your karma a good boost too. Other great fillers for your sandbag that can be donated later include:

Rice Dry dog food Dry cat food Kitty litter Small canned goods (wrap them in a hotel towel before putting them in your bag) Birdseed Feed corn Dried beans

If you need some workout inspiration, here's a workout that makes good use of that sandbag... in fact, every exercise uses it.

Sandbag Hotel Room Workout:

Set your timer to 15 rounds of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest
      1. Back squat
      2. Sandbag swings
      3. Lunge and twist
      4. Clean and press
      5. Bent over row
To find a food bank to donate, click here. To find an animal shelter to donate to, click here.  

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