Bodyweight NO Impact Slider Workout #1

I get requests a lot from some people who want alternatives for all the high intensity workouts I post. Most just wanting to change things up one or two days a week and want to workout, but work out differently than they normally do with all the plyos, jumps etc. Exercises that I often include in my boot camp classes are ones where my clients work with sliders. It puts much of the focus on core strength, and can leave you sore for days after, without one jump involved. For the sake of equipment, I also wanted to show how you can do these 'slider' exercises on nothing more than a pair of paper plates, or hand towels. What I want you to focus with this workout is not speeding through it, but thinking about each move and focusing on that mind/body connection. Feel your core tighten trying to keep your form spot on while going through the movement with the sliders (paper plates). This is really great too for those hard to tone lower abdominals or your TVA.


12 reps for each exercise and complete 2 sets. 1) Plank hold leg lifts (12 reps each side) 2) Slider Mt. Climbers 3) Plank hold leg lifts 4) Slider Push Ups with Jack Legs (feet on sliders) 5) Plank hold leg lifts 6) Low Plank Wind Shield Wipers (feet on sliders) 7) Plank hold leg lifts 8) Reverse Lunge on right leg (right foot on slider/plate) 9) Table top shin/toe touch with heal drop (12 reps each) 10) In/Out abs on sliders 11) Table top shin/toe touch with heal drop 12) Reverse Lunge on left leg (left foot on slider/plate) 13) Table top shin/toe touch with heal drop 14) Right leg side lunge (right foot on slider/plate) 15) Table top shin/toe touch with heal drop 16) Left leg side lunge (left for on slider/plate) Rest and repeat one more time! The video demonstrates each move for you if you need reference. For more workouts, check out my Facebook page here or subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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